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Science of Meditation

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DEN Meditation Education

Over the past 20 years, science has begun to investigate the biological, neuroscientific, and psychological effects of time spent in contemplative practice. The 1990’s was the decade of research on the brain in contemplative science, and since then scientists have studied the effects meditation can have on our genes, inflammatory markers in the body, regulation of stress hormones, and experience of overall well-being. If you have ever been interested in learning more about clinical research on meditation and mindfulness, or have been intrigued by meditation and science news headlines, or a teacher’s scientific reference in a class, this workshop will provide a look into the field of contemplative research. You will come away with basic understandings of how meditation has been shown to affect the body, the brain, and our psychology, as well as research references for direct self-study of the scientific data. This workshop is for beginner to experienced meditators, mindfulness and meditation facilitators, psychologists, doctors, and anyone interested in having an understanding of the contemporary science on meditation.