Foundational Meditation Course

As AGM’s foundational digital offering, this course is based on approachable, secular traditional meditation teachings and research-backed mindfulness practices. Designed for those seeking an authenticated and trustworthy resource to learn and deepen with, Home is both an educational and meditation-based experience. 



Meditation is a practice for changing and transforming the quality of your life.

It grows your ability to navigate stress and challenges. It helps you meet stress and anxiety in a healthier way. It guides you to becoming more self-aware, kind and present. The science of meditation shows significant change in physical health, mental wellbeing, emotional resilience and improved social relationships.


Each 7-day audio series within the 3-series course is designed for a different stage of a developing meditation practice.


Week 1

Begin introduces meditation to the aspiring practitioner. You will learn all of the basics and fundamentals of mindfulness meditation, along with how to allow this practice to change you in all of the ways you are ready for. These 7 days are meant to bring you to the beginning of a daily meditation practice; a place you can rest, grow and build a life based upon its tangible outcomes and benefits.


Week 2

Deepen is for the practitioner who has meditated before and is ready to grow and strengthen their practice. You are looking for more tools and techniques to work with common experiences in meditation, as well as the deeper layers of emotion and thought that are accessed when meditating. Over this week, you will refine, open up and grow your experience with your practice.

Week 3

Bloom is for the practitioner who is ready to bloom and cultivate the heart qualities of kindness, compassion, joy, forgiveness, and love in their maturing meditation practice. Bloom guides you through teachings on how to allow your heart to become fully awake and a part of the inner-dialogue - not only during your meditation practice, but in each moment of your life. Each day, we will focus on qualities that will encourage and allow both you and your meditation to bloom.

With each series, you will receive

  • An introductory audio that welcomes you to the week

  • 7 guided audio meditations with focused teaching topics to begin each day

  • A digital practice journal for notes, insights and takeaways

  • A series roadmap to show you where each week will take you and your practice

  • Audio meditations with original AGM meditation music or without music

  • An audio with a beginning and ending bell to use as a meditation timer - with or without music

  • Community support through the comments section of each series

More Information

Who is Home for?

Meditation is a practice for human beings. This course is for anyone seeking to learn, deepen and bloom a meditation practice in their lives.

How long are the audio meditations?

Since each series is designed to meet a different stage of a developing meditation practice, the total audio practice time increases week by week. Begin brings you up to 20 minutes of meditation practice. Deepen brings you up to 30 minutes of meditation. Bloom brings you up to 35.

How do I access each series of the course?

If you purchase Home as a full course bundle, you will have access to all 3 weeks right away. If you purchase a series individually, you will have access to the series you purchase. All AGM digital products are available through a member-secure online platform which allows for direct online streaming or direct downloading to your devices. All audios will download as MP3 files and course materials will download as PDFs.

How long will I have access?

AGM digital products do not expire. Once purchased, you will have lifetime access.

How do you suggest I begin my practice with Home? Should I practice all 3 series at once?

Depending on your current or prior experience with meditation, there are a few ways we suggest you practice with Home as a foundational course in meditation. You can take the full course in 21 days. However, we primarily suggest taking one series at a time and practicing with that series over the course of a month before moving onto the next week. This approach allows you to become well-versed in each series’ teachings and set of practices. Your practice is allowed the right time to develop and mature. You will also be able to revisit the daily guided meditations, go through the series again or practice the unguided techniques taught in each series with the included audio timer before progressing to the next week.

What type of meditation will I learn in Home?

All AGM meditation practices are derived from traditional meditation lineages. You will be learning mindfulness-based practices, teachings and vipassana meditation.

What is included in Home?

For each series in Home, you will recieve 9 audio files - with or without music:

  • 1 series introduction audio

  • 7 daily guided meditations with instructions

  • 1 meditation timer audio

  • 1 PDF digital practice journal


Due to the online delivery of this course, all purchases are final. If you are unsure if this course is right for you, please email your questions to or visit us here and listen to Begin, Deepen and Bloom audio meditation clips.

Should I take the course with or without music?

Each series in Home has original meditation music uniquely composed for each daily audio. AGM meditation music is thoughtfully created to best support being in meditation versus having the music take the listener out of their meditation practice. When first starting a meditation practice, learning with music can be very helpful and relaxing. However, having music while meditating is a personal preference entirely, so we also offer the full course without music.

Can I buy Home as a gift for someone else? 

Yes, you can buy Home as a gift. When you choose 'Buy Now', you will be prompted with a dropdown answer when signing up with a yes or no option asking: is this a gift for someone? Select 'yes' and fill in the recipient's details and information in the sign up box. This includes the recipient's first and last name, email address and a password that you will choose. Once you complete the sign up with their information, enter your credit card information and send your loved one an email or text with the password you created for them to log into the member site. The recipient will automatically receive an email welcoming them to the series upon purchase with login details and links. All they will need is the password you created to log in. 

Community Testimonials

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