It’s Time To Deepen Your Practice. Welcome Home.

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DEEPEN: Part TWO of Home

Welcome to Deepen. The pathway between beginning a meditation practice and allowing it to transform your life.

Deepen is a 7-day guided audio meditation series designed to grow, strengthen and deepen your practice.

Throughout the week, you will be introduced to advanced instructions and meditation practices focused on solidifying and strengthening key principles of practice.

By the end of the week, you will know how to work with your thoughts and emotions in a deeper way, trust both yourself and the practice even more, understand profound layers of practice such as awareness, compassion and mindfulness in everyday life and truly know what it means to have a home within.

In Deepen, you build your daily meditation practice from 20 minutes to 30 minutes.  


Day 1: Establishing: learning to recognize and know through awareness

Day 2: Ground: finding your inner ground

Day 3: Transform: your mind and heart

Day 4: Trust: in yourself and in the practice

Day 5: Grow: mindfulness in everyday life

Day 6: Soften: accepting, softening and letting go

Day 7: Sanctuary: finding refuge and sanctuary in your practice

With Deepen, you will receive:

  • An introductory audio that welcomes you to the week

  • 7 guided audio meditations with focused teaching topics each day

  • A digital practice journal for notes, insights and takeaways

  • A series roadmap to show you where the week will take you and your practice

  • Audio meditations with original AGM meditation music or without music

  • A 30 minute audio meditation timer with a beginning and ending bell - with or without music

  • Community support through the comments section in each day’s practice page


More Information

Who is Deepen for?

The intermediate meditator or anyone who has already received fundamental teachings on how to meditate. Deepen is also recommended for experienced meditators looking for more in-depth guidance to mindfulness meditation. If you are wondering whether your foundational meditation skills are ready for deepening, visit Part One of Home: Begin to review the practices taught.

How long are the audio meditations?

Since Deepen is designed to grow your existing meditation practice over 1 week, you will begin with 20 minutes of meditation and finish with 30 minutes by the end of the week. After purchase, you will be able to view each daily meditation’s length on the member-secure online platform.

How do I access the series?

This is an online meditation series. All AGM digital products are available through a member-secure online platform which allows for direct online streaming or direct downloading to your devices. All audios will download as MP3 files and course materials will download as PDFs.

How long will I have access?

AGM digital products do not expire. Once purchased, you will have lifetime access.

What is included in Deepen?

You will recieve 9 audio files - with or without music:

  • 1 series introduction audio

  • 7 daily guided meditations with instructions

  • 1 meditation timer audio

1 PDF digital practice journal


Due to the online delivery of this course, all purchases are final. If you are unsure if this course is right for you, please email your questions to or visit us here and listen to available audio meditation clips.

Should I take the course with or without music?

Each series in Home has original meditation music uniquely composed for each daily audio. AGM meditation music is thoughtfully created to best support being in meditation versus having the music take the listener out of their meditation practice. When first starting a meditation practice, learning with music can be very helpful and relaxing. However, having music while meditating is a personal preference entirely, so we also offer the full course without music.

Can I buy Deepen as a gift for someone else? 

Yes, you can buy Deepen as a gift. When you choose 'Buy Now', you will be prompted with a dropdown answer when signing up with a yes or no option asking: is this a gift for someone? Select 'yes' and fill in the recipient's details and information in the sign up box. This includes the recipient's first and last name, email address and a password that you will choose. Once you complete the sign up with their information, enter your credit card information and send your loved one an email or text with the password you created for them to log into the member site. The recipient will automatically receive an email welcoming them to the series upon purchase with login details and links. All they will need is the password you created to log in. 

Community Testimonials

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