Day 7: Know

Welcome to Day 7 and to your daily meditation practice.

Today we pause, savor and celebrate your practice and ring the inner-bell that you have begun. You have all that it takes now to confidently meditate and deepen your practice from a solid foundation.

Our practice today is a meditation you can make your daily practice. You can listen to this guided meditation again each day moving forward, or once you become familiar with it, you can practice it on your own with the 20 minute meditation timer found in the course materials.

Remember that you can return to any of our practices and techniques you learned this past week at any time. Think of Begin as your foundational homebase for you and your meditation practice - a place you can return to again and again - just like we do with the breath in meditation.

Welcome Home - and welcome to your meditation practice.

Meditation Length: 20 minutes

* To listen offline or on the go, click “download” and save to your iTunes library.

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