Scientific Presentations

The Moderating Role of Early Life Adversity on Wellbeing

SOURCE: Gilbert A, Coccia M, Puterman E, Tanzi R, Epel E. (2016) A randomized controlled meditation retreat trial: The moderating role of early life adversity on wellbeing. Oral Presentation at Mind and Life Institute 2016 Conference.


Mindfulness Intervention for Mothers

SOURCE: Mason A, Saron C, Gilbert A, Coccia M, Epel E. (2016) A tailored mindfulness intervention for mothers: Effects on daily interactions.


Effects of a Mindfulness Training on Intimate Partner and Child Relationships

SOURCE: Gilbert A, Mason AE, Coccia M, Arenander J, Saron C, Puterman E, Aschbacher K, Prather A, Epel E. (2015) Poster presented at Mind & Life Summer Research Institute, Garrison, NY.


Threat vs. Challenge Mindset Upon Waking, Cortisol Awakening Response, and Effects of a Mindfulness Intervention

SOURCE: Gilbert A, Coccia M, Arenander J, Hagan M, Epel E. (2015, in press)


The Effects of a Mindfulness-Based Intervention on Subjective and Objective Sleep in High and Low Stress Mothers

SOURCE: Gilbert A, Epel E, Arenander J, Shoup D, Prather A. (2014) The effects of a mindfulness-based intervention on subjective and objective sleep in high and low stress mothers. Poster presented at the Society of Affective Science Conference, Oakland, Ca.