Let’s Begin and Welcome Home

Begin: Part One of Home

Welcome to Begin.

You’re most likely here because you are ready to begin a meditation practice.

Begin is a 7-day guided audio meditation series designed to teach you all of the basics and fundamentals of mindfulness meditation. Each day you will be guided through instructions and a meditation practice based on a daily teaching, following a roadmap towards a sustainable daily practice. By the end of week, you will know how to meditate, work with common experiences in meditation, feel confident in your practice and have a daily meditation routine to move forward with.  



Day 1: Showing Up: setting the course

Day 2: Home: finding your inner-home

Day 3: The Practice: learning the basics

Day 4: Befriending: your thoughts

Day 5: Emotions: seeing your own nature

Day 6: Momentum: building a practice

Day 7: Know: trusting your practice

With Begin, you will receive:

  • An introductory audio that welcomes you to the week

  • 7 guided audio meditations with focused teaching topics each day

  • A digital practice journal for notes, insights and takeaways

  • A series roadmap to show you where each week will take you and your practice

  • Audio meditations with original AGM meditation music or without music

  • An audio with a beginning and ending bell to use as a meditation timer - with or without music

  • Community support through the comments section of each series


More Information

Who is Begin for?

The beginning meditator or anyone wanting to create a solid foundation for a life-long meditation practice. Begin is also recommended for meditators with prior experience who are looking to revisit the fundamental techniques of mindfulness meditation.

How long are the audio meditations?

Since Begin is designed to guide you in building a daily meditation practice over 1 week, you will begin with 9 minutes of meditation and finish with 20 minutes by the end of the week. After purchase, you will be able to view each daily meditation’s length on the member-secure online platform.

How do I access the series?

This is an online meditation series. All AGM digital products are available through a member-secure online platform which allows for direct online streaming or direct downloading to your devices. All audios will download as MP3 files and course materials will download as PDFs.

How long will I have access?

AGM digital products do not expire. Once purchased, you will have lifetime access.

What is included in Begin?

You will receive 9 audio files - with or without music:

  • 1 series introduction audio

  • 7 daily guided meditations with instructions

  • 1 meditation timer audio

1 PDF digital practice journal


Due to the online delivery of this course, all purchases are final. If you are unsure if this course is right for you, please email your questions to support@amandagilbertmeditation.com or visit us here and listen to available audio meditation clips.

Should I take the course with or without music?

Each series in Home has original meditation music uniquely composed for each daily audio. AGM meditation music is thoughtfully created to best support being in meditation versus having the music take the listener out of their meditation practice. When first starting a meditation practice, learning with music can be very helpful and relaxing. However, having music while meditating is a personal preference entirely, so we also offer the full course without music.

Community Testimonials

Share your meditation experiences, testimonials and insights at #AGMdigitalpracticespace or email us at support@amandagilbertmeditation.com.