Arriving Home :: Deepening Your Meditation Practice


In celebration of Deepen’s debut this past week, we are dedicating ‘Arriving Home’ to exploring what it means to deepen in meditation.

Many of us show up to meditation because there is an initial call of some kind. Maybe you have heard that meditation helps with heartbreak or anxiety. Perhaps you have heard it will make you feel better, healthier and happier in some way. More rare is the case when someone randomly finds themselves in a meditation class, opening up a book or downloading an app. Even if the reason isn’t quite clear yet, you know there is just something there.

Knowing that it is time to go deeper in meditation works in the same exact way. There comes a time when you intuitively know you can go deeper in meditation. This usually comes up as an inner call to spend more time with your meditation practice or to make it a more consistent part of your daily routine. It can also express itself as an inner knowing that there is more for you in meditation - a greater sense of inner peace, deep healing or transformation.

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“To deepen in meditation is to open up to the possibility of receiving more from your practice.

DEEPEN DAY 1 :: Establishing

“To deepen in meditation is to open up to the possibility of receiving more from your practice. Each time you show up, you give a little bit more of your time, your trust and your heart. Eventually, uncertainty begins to melt away as you experience how meditation is unfolding in your own life, and you become deeply grateful for all of the support and insight gained.” ~ DEEPEN DAY 1 :: Establishing

How To Deepen

How we deepen in meditation is to first recognize the call to go deeper. From there, an element of openness must be present. You have to be open to receiving and experiencing more from your practice. Whether it is receiving more insight into your habitual way of reacting, or where you are stuck or feeling fear. If you are open to gaining more insight, then the insights and wisdom can come through. If you are open to receiving more, you will receive more as you deepen your practice.

Then we get to dedication - you’ll need to shed the belief that you have been holding on to, such as not having enough time, not being able to commit to a daily practice or the uncertainty that meditation will grow boring. Dedication to meditation means being willing to let go of the small ego self and show up to your practice. You must give a little bit more of your time, and you have to keep focused on making your practice a priority. You have to dedicate your heart to it more too. Ask yourself, “what can I give up to dedicate myself even more to my practice?”.

Lastly, you deepen in meditation by trusting the basic mechanism of the practice itself. Meaning that by doing your work of cultivating a sense of openness and dedication, meditation will meet you. It will allow you to heal in the ways that you are ready for. It will help you navigate your own inner terrain of thoughts and emotions with more understanding and self-awareness. You will become healthier and happier. Ultimately, you will become more free.

If you know that you are ready to answer the call and Deepen, our second step down the path of practice in HOME will guide you into openness, motivate your dedication and ignite your trust in the practice. Visit Deepen here to learn more and join us.

may you answer the call to deepen. may you take your seat in openness. may you dedicate yourself to trusting all that this practice has in store for you and your healing.

With Love, Amanda

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