Arriving Home :: A 3 Minute Practice For Shifting Your Energy


We all need to shift and recalibrate our energy at times.

One of the greatest ways we can be supported by our spiritual practice is to be able to recognize when we need to call upon some inner help to reset our present moment experience.

A day’s mood can be dependent on something specific, or it can be engrained from something more long-lasting like a few “down” weeks or months. It’s not always easy to shift our mood when we need to, yet here is a tried and true meditation you can do in just 3 minutes to help you reset, refresh and shift your energy.

Shift Your Energy

Start by inviting in a deep breath.

If you can and feel comfortable doing so, gently close your eyes.

To begin, notice how you are feeling in this moment.

Notice the emotions, feelings and sensations that are most predominantly with you right now.

And just lightly - see if you know why you are feeling these emotions. If you already know and an answer easily comes, acknowledge this reason and let it go by taking a long breath in and out. If you are uncertain of why you are feeling how you are right you, that is perfectly okay, and you can also take a long breath in and out, just letting go of any tension.

Now, invite in 3 more deep breaths. You can think of these as resetting breaths. Allowing your nervous system to completely relax.

As you complete your third breath, place your attention on your heart. Let it rest there for a moment.

Notice any feelings within you that are not of your existing energy but of a different energy - a feeling of ease, compassion, relief or relaxation. Or even a feeling of neutrality and spaciousness. Notice any sensations that are now here and are different then the one’s before.

Keep your attention on these new and fresh feelings until you feel connected to this new state.

And when you are ready, you can gently open your eyes.

may you shift and reset with this practice whenever you need to.

With Love, Amanda