Arriving Home :: Mindful Matcha Moments


The more you practice, the more you come to know what brings you both in and out of the present moment. It’s a true skill to stay with our stream of awareness. When you are in the stream, you are very much aware, observant, centered, calm and at ease. When you are out of the stream, things may not be as easy, cohesive or smooth.

What I have found throughout my 15 + years of practice is that having “mini mindful moments” throughout the day can help keep you in the stream and connected to the present moment.

If you follow me on social media or sit with me for in-person meditations, you may already know that one of my favorite ways to experience mini-mindful moments throughout the days is through mindful matcha moments.

Drinking tea, matcha in particular (my favorite!), has become a built-in part of my day where I automatically pause, savor and recenter myself in the present moment.

I get a lot of questions about my mindful matcha moment routine - which matcha I use, how I make it, where my favorite matcha tea houses are, etc. To begin, I have shared my everyday matcha recipes and more, so you can start to enjoy your own mindful matcha moments too.

My Most Asked Matcha Questions

 What is matcha?:

Matcha is a Japanese green tea ground into a powder. It is made by combining water with the powder.

When do I drink matcha?

I drink matcha throughout the day. I start with a matcha latte in the morning and transition to plain traditional-style matcha bowls by the afternoon.

Do you have a favorite matcha?

I love a bright, high quality matcha and am really sensitive to the energy received from the matchas I try. One of my favorites for both quality and high vibe energy is from my friends at MatchaBar.

They have also offered us a code to use if you would like to try their new 40 gram can of ceremonial matcha: MATCHAAG.

My Morning Matcha Latte Recipe

Here is my morning matcha latte drink. It is wakeful, warming, enlivening and get’s your brain going for the day. The best part of this recipe? You can seamlessly add in any of your favorite adaptogens, nutrition powders or herbs.


Matcha Latte

2 teaspoons MatchaBar Ceremonial Grade Matcha

4 oz. water

1 cup unsweetened coconut milk


Add hot water and matcha to Vitamix or blender

Add stove-top warmed coconut milk

Start blending on a low speed and gradually blend on a high speed until you see lots of foam

Pour and savor or listen to my morning tea meditation.

My Mindful Matcha Bowl

In the afternoons, I transition to ceremonial matcha bowls. This is where tradition teaches us that slowing down to make matcha with intention also turns matcha making into a moment of mindfulness.


Matcha Bowl

1.5 teaspoons or 2 traditional scoops of MatchaBar Ceremonial Matcha

8 oz hot water


Add matcha into a ceremonial matcha bowl

Add 2 oz wanter and whisk matcha until a paste is formed

Add remaining water and whisk

Savor mindfully


Finding your own unique “mini mindful moments” will help build your stream of awareness throughout the day. Mindful matcha has been a way for me to keep engaged with my awareness, heart and center during my days, and I know it can do the same for you.

May your day be filled and supported by many mindful matcha moments

With Love, Amanda