Arriving Home :: Learning The Language Of You


Learning The Language Of You

One of my favorite aspects of meditation is the constant practice of self-discovery. Every time we think we have reached a plateau in understanding, we realize there is so much more.

There is another illumination of the inner-workings of your own mind. There is the awareness of how you were quick to judge, even after you thought you finally had gotten a handle on your judgments. You notice how much easier it is to move into compassion instead of animosity.

I have found that there is always room to discover and learn more about ourselves. Allowing our practice to be a vehicle for deep listening can lead to profound growth, insight and the uncovering of our true selves.

Inner-Listening Meditation

Inner-listening is inherently built into meditation. This specific practice is designed to help you listen to the language of all that is comprising who you are in this exact present moment. 

Settle in and close the eyes if comfortable and able.

Bring your attention to the natural rhythms and cadence of your breath and breathing. Follow your breath for the next few moments and let your mind become concentrated on the breath.  Notice all of the intricacies of the breath. Is it full, short, shallow, long? Is it effortful or effortless to sense the breath with your attention? Allow yourself to become completely absorbed in the breath.

Now, from this state of focus, slowly expand your attention to what is "here" just beyond the breath. Is it thinking? Is it a certain emotional state? Is it worry, happiness or excitement? Is it your wisdom and inner-knowing? Is it awareness itself?

Explore with your attention what is "here" just beyond the breath, tone and texture of the thought, emotion or experience. 

Be as detailed as possible without becoming fatigued. You want this inquiry to be like getting to know a brand new friend. You have interest and curiosity while you stay in your own center as you listen and learn.

When you have a sense of the language of each piece and part of you that is comprising this present moment, go ahead and bring your attention back to just the breath.

Have a moment of gratitude for what you discovered about yourself. And open the eyes when you are ready.

May this practice support you in learning more deeply who you really are

With Love, Amanda