Arriving Home :: Getting Cozy In Your Own Home


Getting Cozy In Your Own Home

Meditation isn't always easy. In fact, it can be one of the greatest undertakings a human being can commit to. Getting to know your mind, your habits and what is unconsciously running the show requires diligence, courage, effort and even a whole lot of faith at times.

Through all of the rummaging and discovering, there does however come a time where you start to relax in your own sense of being, body and mind - even while you are still sifting, processing and seeing. A familiar feeling becomes pervasive, and a rather consistent through-line from one meditation to the next begins to remind you what it really means to arrive home to your practice and to sit in your own "knowing". This knowing is like gold to a miner and an abundant harvest to a farmer.  "Knowing" for a meditator is the foundation for building a true sense of home.

The Foundation of Knowing

Over time, through practice, your attention stabilizes, making it is easier to rest your attention in the present moment - namely with the breath, the body or other objects of focus. From this baseline of stabilized attention, you learn to observe and open up to all that comprises the present moments of your practice.

"Oh, anxiety is here."

"Oh, thinking is here." 

"Oh, fantasizing is here."

"Oh, love is here."

The more you grow your awareness and clearly recognize what arises in the present moment, the more you learn to let thoughts, feelings and life be as it is, because you are seeing and responding from your foundation of knowing. 

This knowing is also awareness. The ability to know, observe and skillfully be with each and every part of who you are. And to be with life exactly as it is happening. 

We often learn how to rely on our practice when we have nothing else to lose, or when your trust and faith deepen to the point where you are fully comfortable in your own knowing.

May you learn to find comfort and coziness within.

With Love, Amanda