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Meditation For Daily Living

One of my favorite aspects of meditation is the ability for this practice to integrate into every nook, cranny, minute and moment of our lives. Through a daily formal sitting practice, what we call meditation, we grow the ability to be more mindful and more aware. 

Awareness is the through-line of meditation, in my opinion. What we are really applying to our lives is a wiser awareness - the capacity to observe, to hold, to be with and to love what is. Awareness is also a main component of mindfulness. Mindfulness grows from awareness and awareness grows from mindfulness. They build, support and feed each other, and some might say they are interchangeable. 

Below are my top ways to incorporate your meditation practice into your everyday and grow your mindful awareness. 

Daily Practices

  1. Formal sitting time: meditation
  2. Many mindful moments throughout the day
    • Mindful mornings
    • Mindful walking
    • Mindful coffee or tea time
    • Mindful breathing
    • Sitting in the sun or outdoors
    • Reading supportive, inspirational and growth-oriented poetry or books
  3. Mindful communication practices
    • Mindful listening
    • Mindful speaking
    • Mindful texting and emailing
    • Conscious communicating 
  4. Living a mindful lifestyle
    • Making healthy and supportive choices
    • Engaging in ethical behaviors and actions
    • Living authentically
    • Choosing a lifestyle that keeps your mind, body and heart clean and open
  5. Compassion
    • Meeting hardships, challenges and stress with compassion
    • Practicing forgiveness 
    • Practicing friendliness and kindness
    • Helping others
    • Remembering that we are all humans in the human experience 

You can integrate these practices into your life, calling upon and engaging with each one as needed. Meditation for daily living is exactly what it sounds like: finding ways to live the practice each and every day of your life.

May your life be filled with daily practice.

With Love, Amanda