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Becoming Confident Through Meditation

Through a consistent meditation practice, there is something that begins to form that is a subtle internal shift at first, and then it begins to exude outwards. It may be called different names at times - sometimes we call it equanimity: a sense of evenness within and evenness of mind. Sometimes it is called "feeling grounded" or "stable". At other times, we call it feeling at ease or at peace.

Regardless of what it feels like at any given moment in your practice, over time these feelings, sensations and inner-stability all lead to feeling more comfortable in your skin and body, and more confident in who you are.

How You Know You're Becoming Confident

A pivotal time in my own meditation practice came when I noticed that I stopped second guessing myself so much in just about EVERYTHING. I used to second guess my choices, decisions, and even the words I was about to speak at a meeting. I often asked others advice before making a decision or choice about anything even remotely substantial, like handling missed homework deadlines in school or what to do if any conflict arose in my life.

This all began to change after a few months of daily meditation. I not only noticed I didn't need to solicit advice for small decisions in my life, but I also started to feel more self-assured.

10 qualities THAT SHOW you are becoming confident:

  1. You feel an inner sense of "solidness."
  2. You feel rooted and grounded.
  3. You aren't knocked around by your emotions, stresses or challenges.
  4. You act from your intuition because you are more aware of what intuition feels like.
  5. You speak up more and feel assured in what you are expressing. 
  6. You have a feeling of certainty in your life. 
  7. You notice that you are more self-reliant.
  8. You meet problems with optimism and find creative solutions.
  9. You remain poised, even and collected when meeting stress.
  10. You mindfully respond instead of instantaneously react. 

So how do you become confident through meditation? Just by doing it! 

Self-awareness is one of the first outcomes from consistent meditation. The more self-aware you become the more you get to know yourself and understand your "inner-workings." When doubt is present, you can choose to meet it with compassion and then connect to your sense of inner-solidness or take one deep, mindful breath. 

For meditations on becoming more grounded and solid, read this previous 'Arriving Home' post. 

Becoming more radiant, clear-minded and confident is a natural outcome of meditation. It is part of the magic from just simply showing up to ourselves and meeting each present moment exactly as it is.

May you feel confident, clear and solid.

With Love, Amanda