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Living Your Life As A Daily Practice  

If there is one aspect of meditation that I may be most impassioned about, (as I am passionate about every part of it) it would be making your meditation a daily practice. 

Let's pause and define what I mean by "daily practice" as my working definition of the phrase may be a bit broader than what you would expect. 

Daily practice means making your meditation practice consistent. I am a strong advocate for a formal daily meditation practice where you set time aside to be in traditional sitting meditation. I like to call this the bedrock of your daily practice, as your formal meditation practice is the foundation from which your other daily practices grow. 

Beyond a daily meditation practice, the way I reference "daily practice" is also making your entire life a practice. This is what is referred to as true mindfulness. 

Mindfulness is having your attention in the present moment, moment-to-moment with an ability to be with what is and without judgment. You grow your ability to be mindful from your formal meditation practice and as well as in the midst of daily life. This means turning your daily activities and your way of life into a practice itself. 

This is where the richness of meditation and mindfulness start to enhance your quality of your life. For many years, I have been in the experience of always being in the "flow of mindfulness" because I live my life as a practice. So every single endeavor, action, thought, behavior or interaction is a way to engage my awareness and keeping my attention in the present moment. 

I practice mindful eating, speaking, listening, thinking, walking, working and interacting in addition to my daily meditation practice. 

Here are my top tips for turning your life into a daily practice so you too can experience what it means to live your daily life as a practice itself.

Tips For Daily Practice

  1. Practice having your attention in the present moment regardless of what you are doing. Sometimes we tend to favor being mindful when there is a moment of rest or relaxation, or only when we are meditating. Mindfulness in its true essence is being present even when it's not so easy or obvious to do so.
  2. Cultivate a mindful lifestyle. Be in the moment. Enjoy what you do and learn to savor what it is you are experiencing. 
  3. Pick one or a few activities you would like to make your daily practice. For me it is drinking a cup of matcha green tea, preparing a nourishing meal and appreciating small quiet moments in my home. 
  4. Be consistent with a formal meditation practice. Find a time to sit in your own stillness and silence each day. You can read an earlier 'Arriving Home' posts for more on how to begin and sustain a meditation practice and on how to make it consistent.

When you make your life into a daily practice, every moment turns into an opportunity to be more connected, caring and kind, to heal, to forgive and to deepen your love and awareness.

May you allow your life to become a practice today.

With Love, Amanda