Arriving Home :: Breaking Up With Blocks


Breaking Up With Blocks

I have found throughout the years that sometimes it takes letting go of what's blocking us from living the lives we want in order to find equanimity and growth.

Blocks come in many different shapes and forms. Sometimes it's a mental block, where you keep encountering the same negative thought patterns over and over. Sometimes it can be an emotional block, from a past or current trauma, loss or heartbreak. And sometimes you encounter the block of pure inertia, a feeling where you are weighed down and unable to make any movement forward.

Below are my three tried-and-true ways to overcome blocks and move into a life of feeling supported by your thoughts, actions and choices.

3 Steps To Overcoming Blocks

  1. See it. Feel it. Acknowledge What IS.

    1. First, you must get honest with yourself about what your block is. Without having a clear understanding of your block, it will be harder to make a mindful action plan to overcome it.

    2. This is where meditation and mindfulness come in. If you spend a little time in meditation and mindfully contemplate what is keeping you stagnant, then you will be able to name it.

    3. Once you have named it, let yourself feel it. Don't necessarily turn away.

    4. Acknowledge that you are blocked in this way. Compassionately say to yourself, "I know I am being blocked by ____ and ____ (say your name) I love you any way."

  2. Break Up With Your Block

    1. This is the moment where you have not only gotten real and acknowledged your block, but you make a firm decision to break up with it and make a change.
    2. Sometimes in life we need an abrupt pivot, a massive overhaul or to simply say, "I am ready to move on now. ____ (your block) I am done."

  3. A Mindful Action Plan

    1. Breakdowns always lead to breakthroughs. Creating a mindful action plan is your path to breaking through.

    2. Lovingly contemplate what you want to do differently and how you are going to put this plan into action. Take out a notebook and write out your step-by-step plan.

    3. Be as detailed or broad as you would like, but be clear and concise enough so you can understand your plan when you read it again later on.

    4. Turn your mindful action plan into your practice. Show up and practice it.

What happens when you break up with your blocks and move on? You begin to optimize your life and become self-supported. 

What does a self-supported life look like?
It is a life where all of your movements, actions, thoughts and behaviors truly support you in feeling your best, your happiest and most free.

May you learn to leave what is blocking you and meet what IS supporting you.

With Love, Amanda