Arriving Home :: My Morning Routine & How To Create Your Own


My Morning Meditation Routine

One of the most frequent questions I receive is,

"And what about your meditation practice? What does your meditation routine look like?"

On this 'Arriving Home' I am sharing juicy details about my daily practice and some of the twists and turns my meditation has taken over the years.

What's important to understand is that just like life itself, our individual practice changes over time. At first, it is ideal to form a bedrock by practicing a specific routine for a number of years or over an extended period of time. Yet even within a routine there is opportunity to notice how your meditation is growing, evolving and maturing.  

My morning routine has ebbed and flowed with life's obligations, work schedules and early morning flights for sure. Yet there has mostly been a consistent morning routine that I have followed sans the not-so-often 6am flights or extenuating life circumstances. 

I hope my Morning Routine inspires you to create one of your own.



Wake up...

I have been known to set a very early alarm if it guarantees that I will get my meditation time in. If my day means getting ready to be out the door by 7am and I need time to get ready and meditate, my alarm is set for 5am to make sure I begin my day in meditation. 


Put on the kettle...

Tea time. Though it is not recommended for everyone to intake tea, coffee or any caffeine before meditation, I have found that a few sips of morning chai allows me to be restfully alert and awake for my meditation.  

My first recommendation is to try a fun meditation acronym I was taught year's ago by Davidji.


R- Rise

P- Pee

M -Meditate 

What I find helpful with this approach to morning meditation is that it motivates you to wake up and get right to the cushion. 



My practice has minimally been for 30 minutes every morning over the years, and these days I mostly sit longer. As we have learned together in a previous 'Arriving Home on Creating Your Home Practice', any amount of meditation is better than none. So remember that it isn't about how long you meditate for, it's all about doing it.

How To Create Your Morning Routine

first, taking a look at your existing morning routine HELPS YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT A NORMAL MORNING LOOKS LIKE.

When creating a morning routine, I always say it isn't about turning your whole life upside down to start a meditation practice - it's more about fitting it into what already exists.  Take a look and see where meditation is most likely to fit in the best during your morning and don't be afraid to try RPM as a no-fail approach.

Create a morning routine that supports you and stay with it

Morning routines encompass not just meditation but the full morning. Spend some time thinking about other aspects of your morning that you want to include in your routine such as healthy breakfast time, coffee or tea time, reading, exercising or mindfully preparing for your day. Walk yourself mentally through your routine or write it down to look at as your grow your new habit.

May you find a morning routine that nourishes you and supports you.

With Love, Amanda