Arriving Home :: Part Of Growing Is Letting Go


"The more we let go, the more we grow."

Such a simple phrase. And such a true phrase.

For me the art and practice of letting go has been a long road full of insight and growth. 

When we learn to let go we also learn where we are holding on. And most often what we are holding onto are the bits and pieces that are holding us back from true development and growth. 


For me letting go has been true medicine.

Letting go has allowed me to see where I have been ruminative, rigid or overly fixated. 

It has let me see where I worry about problems, both big and small.

And letting go let me learn what it means to be a little more wise, free and skillful during my day to day.  

I find letting go to be a deeply uplifting and inspiring experience. The phrase, "sweet relief" comes to mind when I practice letting go as it seems to do just that.

You are left with a sweet sensation of more inner space in your mind and hearT. and a touch of excitement that it worked and you feel better. 

The best part- each time you let go. The more you realize how transformative this practice is. And you can't help but notice how much YOU have changed and grown.


How To Let Go

To properly let go you first need to see where you are holding on and then choose to let go.

Contemplation Meditation

The following are contemplation questions you can "drop into" your meditation after a short period of following your breath or reciting a mantra.

  1. Where in my life am I experiencing tension or suffering?

  2. What does it feel like when I experience this tension and suffering?

  3. What is it about this area/person/place/thing that is making me want to hold on?

After these first series of questions you can gently return your attention to your breath for a moment. And when you are ready, "drop in" the next series of questions.

  1. What would it look like to let go of this area/person/place/thing?

  2. What does it feel like when I let go?

  3. What would letting go look like today? What can I do to let go today?

After any answers, words, images or feelings have arisen you can gently return your attention to your breath. And when you are ready open your eyes with more insight, inspiration and motivation from your practice of letting go.


May you learn to let go with ease and joy.

and feel freedom from this heartful practice.

With Love, Amanda