Arriving Home :: A Heartfelt Intention-Setting Practice


"The more you let your intentions be felt in the heart, the more they will integrate into your day-to-day life." 

Today's offering is for setting intentions. Not just any intention, but heartfelt intentions. Through your meditation practice, you learn to awaken the heart to what it truly desires. The beautiful irony here is when you do connect to your heart's intentions, you are inherently connecting to your inner-most you. Your home. Your true nature. And your natural state of being. This is how intentions integrate into your day-to-day life. They become a part of your heart, your body and your mind, so all of your actions, feelings and thoughts become unified in your intentions. 

A Practice for Setting Heartfelt Intentions

Settle into a meditation posture.

Close your eyes, if comfortable.

Begin to follow your breath for a few minutes. Let this be simple, relaxing and nourishing.

When you are ready to set your intentions, place one or both hands over your heart.

Rest your attention in your heart or the area around your heart.

With your full focus on the heart, silently and gently ask your heart the following questions:

"What do I want? What do I truly want?"

"Heart, what do you want? What do you truly want?"

"What would support me and my life today?"

"Heart, how would it feel to be living with these intentions?"

Let any words, images, feelings or sensations arise as you ask these heart-based questions. 

Settle your attention clearly on one or a few of these intentions.

Let these intentions be felt fully in your heart.

And with your attention and presence in and around your heart and on your intentions, when you are ready you can begin to gently open your eyes.

Close your meditation by taking in the following phrase:

"May my intentions unfold naturally with grace and ease. And may I stay connected to my heart so my intentions are with me moment-by-moment as I live my life today."

May your New Year, new beginning and heartfelt intentions support you and all that you want in 2018. 

With Love, Amanda