Welcome Home :: AGM's Launch Day!


Welcome Friends.
Welcome Home.
Welcome to this new practice space
we get to connect, learn, deepen and grow in together. 

You know or have gathered that my passion and purpose in this life has been distilled to sharing the life transforming effects of meditation with as many people as possible. So as you explore the new site know that every nook and cranny has been mindfully created to facilitate the authentic sharing of meditation in the most accessible way for all of us. 

My hope is that you begin to view AGM has a trusted resource and safe sanctuary for your practice. Somewhere we can connect further and that you can share with your loved ones, friends and community.

I am wishing you and your families the warmest New Year wishes and beginning Monday January 1st I’ll see you through the Weekly Insight Offerings posted here on "Arriving Home".

With Love,  Amanda